• Essentials for a better life

Kimberly-Clark proudly leads the world in essentials for a better life.

Kimberly-Clark provides essentials such as the best wipes and nappies for your precious baby,
the best in health care equipment and supplies when you're in hospital and the highest quality tissue and washroom products whether you're at home, on a plane or in a 5-star hotel.

At Kimberly-Clark Thailand, we make this happen with the help of over 1,200 employees.

Our world-class manufacturing facilities are located in;



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Kimberly-Clark and our well-known global brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. Every day, nearly a quarter of the world's population trust our brands and the solutions we provide to enhance their health, hygiene and well-being. With well-known and trusted brands